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They claim that carbon dating samples of the body dates between 245 – 410 AD, though the validity of these tests has not yet been verified.

The details on the birth register can be hard to change once you have signed it.You can buy further copies, as well as a full version of the certificate, at any time you like.For more information on registering your baby, go to Directgov.A group of self-proclaimed paranormal researchers claim they have found proof of aliens near the city of Nazca in Peru.The team say they have found a mysterious three-fingered 'mummified humanoid' with an elongated skull.You can search for your local register office at Directgov. If you were married to your baby's dad at the time of the birth or conception, then either you or your husband can register the birth.However, if you are not married to your baby's dad, but would like his details to be on the form, then you will both need to sign the birth register together.Same-sex couples In order for male couples to be registered as parents, you must first get a parental order from the court.You will need to do this whether you are in a civil partnership or not.If you're not married, or you're not in a relationship with your baby's dad, you can choose to register your baby's birth on your own.If you do this, the dad's name will not be included on the birth certificate or in the birth register, although it may be possible to re-register at a later date.

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