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Other ink entries are not necessary for comparison. Aginsky has developed the SET as a result of many years of research of the ink aging methodology developed and published by Dr. For example, if the questioned document’s date precedes the manufacturing date for the ink used to sign the document, it is established that the document could not have been signed on the date it bears. Such intra-comparisons of inks may reveal that the questioned entries were not written contemporaneously with the other entries in the file (document). – The examination’s purpose is to assess whether the use of various inks on the document(s) fits a pattern that is either consistent with the dates appearing on the document(s) or indicates preparation "at one time" (during a short period of time). Paper folds – It is often possible to determine whether an ink line that intersects a paper fold was written before or after the paper was folded.

Offset marks – When two pieces of paper are pressed together, marks such as writing (and printing) may be transferred from one to another.

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Established in the UK, in 1962, we are a family led company that can trace its heritage back over many years; today we stand as one of the UK’s leading industrial ink manufacturers.

With thousands of formulations and global distribution, our focus is on the highest quality developments, providing CIJ inks (Continuous Ink Jet), DOD inks (Drop On Demand Ink), High Resolution, Food Grade Inks, Contact Coding Fluids, Election Stains, Paint Markers, Spray Paints and many other marking and coding products.

So wichtig, dass die Bank ein eigenes Wort dafür geschaffen hat: FAIRantwortung.

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Our prices are rarely beaten and with drop-in-replacements for almost all DOD and CIJ inks designed to meet or exceed the performance the OEM versions, you can truly take advantage of the product range.

Built on these strong foundations and with the loyalty of our business partnerships, we are currently positioned as a leading global presence in coding and marking ink manufacture.

Our research, development and manufacturing facilities in Whitchurch, Shropshire, currently supply our extensive product range to a select distributor network spanning over 73 countries.

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