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I’ve set it to remain active, so it can update automatically whenever there’s new content.

After adding the RSS feed, you can click on “View Items” to see the articles currently in that feed.

Here is the xml: https:// do I get Mail Chimp and the RSS validator to recognise the custom data in the feed?

– because it’s still an active technology, which means that we can use it for a lot of cool things happening behind the scenes on our Word Press sites.

Click “Save” and you’re good to go: To add a feed to a post or page, copy and paste the shortcode where you want it to be displayed.

Shortcode example: Get this RSS feed plugin if you want to be able to import RSS feeds quickly and customize everything via shortcode editing on the fly, rather than through a GUI of some kind.

Now, you have three options when it comes to displaying your custom feed links: widget, shortcode, or a line of PHP code: I used the shortcode.

You can go to the text editor of a specific post, and you’ll see an icon labeled “WPRSS Aggregator Shortcode” there.

The plugin uses a lot of parameters inside the shortcode structure, which makes it very flexible.

Say that you publish a lot of different content, and your audience might not be interested in all of it.

Just fill in the information, set the customizations and you’re almost done. Let’s take a look at what the feed looks like on the front-end (by the way, I’m on the Twenty Fifteen theme): Things like article summaries, their length, article thumbnails, and so on, are all up to you. You can also post your RSS feeds as widgets – by going to and dragging the “RSS” widget to any widget area.

After clicking the “OK” button, the plugin takes your settings and puts them into a shortcode form: Basically, that shortcode is the one that adds the RSS feed to your page, so be careful to keep its original format. Another nice thing about this RSS feed plugin for Word Press is that you can filter articles by keywords, so you can choose to display only the ones that meet your criteria exactly. Moreover, Feedzy automatically adds your affiliate/referral ID to the links in the feed so you can make money if people click on the posts.

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