Who is kofi kingston dating ang dating daan pasalamat ng buong kapatiran

When she arrived, during the country’s fragile truce following nine years of civil war, it was with the sole aim of founding a school for children whose education had been disrupted by the conflict.

Following a visit to Sierra Leone, he and a friend had started a charity, Educ Aid, in 1994, with the aim of providing Christian-based schooling for war-displaced children.There were some lonely times during those early years, particularly when I discovered my right-hand man was embezzling our money, which was heartbreaking.’By 2002, Miriam’s 20 pupils had become 200, and another school was opened at Rolal, three hours’ drive from Freetown.This was closely followed by another in Magbeni in 2003 and then a primary school in the nearby village of Maronka.Some mothers might worry about the dirt or the flies but Miriam’s three-year-old son Kofi has already survived amoebic dysentery and malaria.‘Frankly, he probably has the best immune system on the continent,’ she smiles.‘They think it’s going to be like the film [set in Sierra Leone], which had graphic scenes of people’s hands being cut off.I’ve witnessed no violence at all since I moved here but its legacy is everywhere you look.’Within two weeks she had rented a house in Freetown.Many others had been orphaned and displaced, witness to horrors that defy belief.Miriam’s educational empire now extends to 1,000 pupils in three secondary schools and one primary.In 2004, Miriam took on some freelance literacy consulting for the government, to raise funds for a new school.The building, which went up in April 2005, rises to an impressive five storeys – a rarity in Freetown – due to lack of ground space. ‘We have ex-combatants, girl mothers and orphans,’ she says.

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