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Adrienne Williams is the founder of The Bi Social Network, creator of Bi Social Network Magazine and host of Bi Talk Radio.

She has also served on boards of the Journal of Bisexuality, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and Anything That Moves bisexual magazine, to name a few.Where are the Bi Women of Color in Black and Women’s History?We grit our teeth during Black History month, when major media sources highlighted the same (albeit inspirational) black men, excluding women.QWOC Media Wire touched on this in our post “Bro’s Before Ho’s” but we only just scratched the surface because there’s just SO much more to talk about.With all the lack of visibility of bisexual people and activism you’d think there isn’t much going on at all.Her online nominator hails her as a “one-woman bi media queen!” Lani Ka’ahumanu is an author, activist, poet, educator and organizer.Her writings on bisexuality have appeared on the Huffington Post and she was profiled on Hello Giggles as a part of their series “Women Working to do Good.” She also co-organized the Bisexual Organizing Institute’s National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Creating Change Conference.Follow her on Twitter @thefayth Mimi Hoang is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and bisexual scholar-activist.On Thursday, March 14th at 1pm EST, we’ll be hosting a chat about bisexual women of color: “Pride or Privilege: The invisibility of Bisexuality in LGBT POC Communities”.We’ll be discussing the idea of bi-privilege (does it actually exist? ), and how we can create more welcoming spaces for bisexual women of color in QWOC spaces.

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