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Vin is also the author of the book, There is no absolute and objective value. (Cred: Dimitri) What is valuable to one girl is not valuable to the next.

What people did not like was that it was just a conglomeration of theories about female personalities rather than systematic methods to the normal "ACS". What the product claims is that Vin spent 100 hours researching and interviewing women.The course essentially assumes that all women have the same confidence and that their only variable is their personality type.If anyone here (myself included) has ever approached a 10, you'll know that simply knowing what she likes and is attracted to simply won't cut it.There a lot of reviews all over the place but I didn’t find any that actually explained how the product worked, or even explained what it really was.In fact, most of the reviews appear to be from people who haven’t even applied the tactics from the product, and many may not even have even seen inside the members area.So I decided to write this review to help guys like you who want more information before making a decision.Before we dive into my experience, I am going to share with you what is included in the product to ensure that is a good fit for what you are looking for: First off, let me mention that despite the hype around this product, it really is not a scam.Similarly, some super peacocked goth dude has a lot of value to other goth chicks, but to a college party chick looking for a crazy frat boy, the goth dude is just some lame ass weirdo.I am going to share my experience with Vin Dicarlo Pandora’s Box and share with you the 3 questions that must be answered about any woman to accurately understand what type of man she finds attractive.It turns out, each type of women respond to different tactics.So what worked on one type of woman, may be the exact opposite of what helps attract a different type of women. The program gave me the tools, strategies and information I was missing out on, from most dating products and just gave me the things that would work, regardless of which type of women I was interested in. This is a scientific system that is designed to quickly and easily determine which of 8 types of women, a certain woman is and gives the correct strategy to engage and generate attraction with that exact type of woman.

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