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Could you please help us understand the following better so we can guide our customers to apply for the tariff?1) If the consignee in Vietnam have received the cargo, can the consignee still submit the Form D for tariff concession within the 12 months period ?53/2013/nđ-cp dated may 18, 2013 by the government on establishment, organization and operation of vietnam asset management company​Law on Custons no.54/2014/QH13, regulating the state administration of customs with regard to goods being imported, exported or in transit, and means of transport of domestic and foreign organizations and individuals on exit, entry or in transit within the customs territory; and regulates the organization and operation of Customs Circular no.42/2012/TT-BCT dated Dec.27th.2012 stipulating list of goods produced from bodering countries and imported into Socialist republic of Vietnam via trading and exchanging goods among border inhabitants Circular No.

3) Is there any other details that we should take note? Regards Christine Dear Sirs, we produce meat preparations.

I undertand there will be a few applied to alcohol (as mentioned in some of your other answers)2.- Do I need a vietnamese company to do this - or can I see directly to vietnamese businesses from my company in mexico? The UVB phototherapy device is used to treat skin disease.

3.- It is worth mentioning - all tequila from mexico comes with health and safety regulations and goverment seal of approval from the mexican goverment - certifying that this is tequila produced in mexico to mexican standards. Saludos, Andrew If I import UVB phototherapy device from Japan and China to Vietnam, what is % of import duty tax? My husband and I will be visiting Vietnam for five days in January, 2017.

We produce frozen meat preparations, mainly from pork.

We would like to know if exists a statistics import code specific for meat preparartions or frozen meat preparations. As well as if there any information about the Vietnam import volume, or any other information.

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