Varlogsyslog not updating

Flashed the Raspbian Stretch "full" image of November 2017 (not the "lite" one) on a newly formatted SD card.Created an "ssh" file and the "wpa_supplicant.conf" file with the same configuration content as before.Feb 8 pibox systemd-udevd[128]: Process '/sbin/crda' failed with exit code 249.Feb 8 pibox dhcpcd-run-hooks[351]: wlan0: starting wpa_supplicant Feb 8 pibox systemd-udevd[128]: Process '/sbin/crda' failed with exit code 249.

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What implications do the firmware updates have with today's Raspbian packages updates on my Raspberry Pi Zero W device?t/download, have put again the "ssh" file and the same (!) "wpa_supplicant.conf" file on the top-level directory of teh SD card, and gently inserted the SD card into the Raspberry Pi Zero W's card reader.BTW: My wpa_already contained the first 3 lines from above.Strange, just tried apt-get update/upgrade on my Pi 0 W and then rebooted and wifi is working OK.With different Wifi scanner applications on my PC, I could find the Raspberry Pi Zero W device, could not ping it with the previous registered IP address, and no connection possible with SSH.Thus, I removed power from the Raspberry Pi Zero W device, removed the SD card and inserted the same into the Raspberry Pi 1 B device, which came up when powered on.I powered up the Raspberry Pi Zero W device, saw some LED activity during its booting, and also the LED of the Wifi adapter was flashing temporarily (meaning a Wifi client wants to connect).Waited a while, the green coloured LED of the Raspberry Pi Zero W device stayed steady on all time, no flashing whatsoever.Running Raspbian Stretch Lite upgraded to kernel 4.9.77 #1081.apt-get upgrade installed new versions of packages I am connected to my Pi 0 W via the built in Broadcom wifi using SSH from my Win7 laptop.

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