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Both Error Message and Text properties are used to display error messages. If you are using Validation Summary than only Error Message and Text property is used.

The complete code for the above Validation Summary is as: I hope that this article would have helped you in understanding the Validation Controls in ASP. Please share it if you know more about this article.

Within your "Accept" button click handler (the "save" button) process each control that Causes Validation to ensure that they are all valid... I got the following tip from "Windows Forms Programming in C#" by Chris Sells, from Addison Wesley. Source Code The server side validation you write does not need to provide the exact same validation as that of the client side validation.The client side validation can check for the user input data for range and type and server side validation can check for matching of data with database.If you don't find your desired regular expression, you can create your custom one.In the example I have checked the email id format: You can solve your purpose with ASP. But if you still don't find solution you can create your own custom validator control.The main advantage is that it prevents a page from being postback to the server until the client validation is executed successfully. Server validation will only performed when Cause Validation is set to true. You can have a Required Field Validator control for each form element on which you wish to enforce Mandatory Field rule.For developer point of view serve side is preferable because it will not fail, it is not dependent on browser and scripting language. NET validation, which will ensure client, and server validation. When the value of the Causes Validation property is set to true, you can also use the Validation Group property to specify the name of the validation group for which the Button control causes validation. Compare Validator Control The Compare Validator control allows you to make comparison to compare data entered in an input control with a constant value or a value in a different control.See how to do single validation on a UI control as well as multiple validations.▶ Watch video (31 minutes) Note The feedback system for this content will be changing soon. If content within a comment thread is important to you, please save a copy.Both server side and client side validation can be used for total solution. NET has provided an additional control that complements the validator controls.The Validation Summary control is reporting control, which is used by the other validation controls on a page.

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