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Right so ill start off where it begun It happened on 27th dec, my weather news bing & finance would update the live tile.

but would not update the app itself (refresh sync or however you wana put it) so decided to uninstall the 4 apps, and now they will not work atall but the live tile will update for weather & bing. I got people app but i used to have facebook, Now whenever charms bar - accounts - facebook (to remove it) it wont let me :( so yeah would be nice if you can give me a reason why these aren't working.

A change on one or both planes might be a big-ticket item, but your end result will certainly be dramatic.

Contemporary kitchens lean light, bright and white or an edgy contrast of black and white.

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Our experts offer top tips, techniques and styling advice that will get you dreaming yet keep you grounded.

Designer Elizabeth Cross-Beard of Jenkins Baer Associates in Baltimore, assures home chefs that plenty of transformative changes can be done in a week or less.

Whether you’re redecorating instead of remodeling or you’re refreshing until you can renovate, you want the closest to a dream kitchen you can afford.

A gleaming new sink and pull-down faucet will improve prep, cleanup and your mood.“My own splurge was a Le Creuset tea kettle,” Cross-Beard shares.

“It sits in the middle of the range top, is a beautiful ivory color, and I use it daily, so it’s both functional and decorative.” Reflect your priorities in the few quality items you leave out on the countertop.

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