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Star Trek: Phase II was reworked as the theatrical film, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, absorbing the costs already incurred from the aborted television series.

Paramount, and its eventual parent Viacom (which bought the studio's then-parent, Paramount Communications, in 1994), continued to consider launching their own television network.

The founder and first head of UPN, Lucy Salhany, approached NACB with an offer of US,000 to transfer the name.An example might look like: [email protected] Also find some of our experts' best Office 365 management tips.United Paramount Network (UPN) was a television network that broadcast in over 200 markets in the United States, being in production for over eleven years.Chris-Craft and Paramount/Viacom each owned independent stations in several large and mid-sized U. cities, and these stations formed the nuclei of the new network.UPN launched on Monday, January 16, 1995, initially carrying programming only on Monday and Tuesday nights from to p.m. The first telecast, the two-hour pilot episode of Star Trek: Voyager, was an auspiciously widely viewed start – being watched by 21.3 million viewers; however, Voyager would never achieve such viewership levels again, nor would any of the series debuting on UPN's second night of broadcasting survive the season.On October 27, 1993, Paramount and Chris-Craft announced the formation of a new television network, later to be named the United Paramount Network, with initial plans to run two hours of programming in prime time for two nights per week.The new network would be owned by Chris-Craft Industries, while most of its shows were to be produced by Paramount Television.It was a partner in the Du Mont Television Network, and the Paramount Theaters chain, which was spun off from the corporate/studio parent, merged with ABC in a deal that helped cement that network's status as a major network.The Paramount Television Network was launched in 1949, but dissolved in the 1950s.Due to the costs related to rebranding the student network, and under the advice of its then-volunteer legal counsel, Mr.Cary Tepper, the non-profit association countered with a request of 0,000, which Ms. Ultimately, the "U" in UPN stood for Chris-Craft subsidiary United Television, which owned the network's two largest stations, WWOR-TV in New York City and KCOP-TV in Los Angeles; the "P" represented Paramount Television, the studio that formed a programming partnership with Chris-Craft to create the network.

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