Updating xbox hard drive

The tool which I will link to below has the capability to size other drives with the right partitions, but you'll either 1) have unused wasted space on the drive or 2) risk bricking the drive in a future console update that could in some way inspect drive sizing more specifically.

Best to avoid these scenarios and go with the safe path. I've used one in every PC personally and at my business for the last however many years, and they are awesome.

I like to have a diverse span of games installed on my console at any given time.

I usually have 1-2 "go to" current titles I'm playing (currently focused solely on PUBG) with another 6-8 that I flip between when I get bored of my usual fare.

Very few games took advantage of it, but being one of the first to use an HDD for a game console was enough to sell me on the expensive add-on.

A decade and a half later, all game consoles are now sporting internal drives as standard fare.

For many gamers, just buying an external hard drive to plug in over USB is a one-and-done kind of affair.

The PS2 was the first true console to toy with using an internal hard drive.

In addition, you knowingly void your console warranty by opening your Xbox One.

These instructions are valid and accurate as of January 2018 and are not being guaranteed forever.

Also, I give credit to the folks whose articles and help I link to below that made this possible -- this was NOT compiled solely through my own efforts!

The Basics: Picking a Replacement Drive for your Xbox One X One of the first things you need to do is choose what kind of drive you will get for your Xbox One X.

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