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We might reduce it’s hit points, but even that’s not set in stone. Ru: Will the level reduction affect other parameters of this tank, namely the speed and maneuverability?Sergei Burkatovsky: It’s almost assured that we will give premium-Jagdtiger it’s real engine.murgen[UNC]: No, I'd rather get Czechoslovakian SU-100, and as for the Jagdtiger, I'd prefer to level the ordinary one with normal weapons. Ru: In the former interview you said that you were satisfied with the current number of premium vehicles and are planning to focus on the main tank branches. For example, the Stormtiger (Sturmpanzer VI) or you have some plans for this unusual machine?What’s the reason for the sudden appearance of the Jagdtiger 8th Tier premium AT with 8,8 L/71 cannon? Sergei Burkatovsky: That’s because we want to squeeze in at least the most German anti-tank animals in the main branches. Ru: Considering that the premium Jagdtiger will belong to the 8th Tier, how much are you going to nerf it’s impressive armor?

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8th Tier premium heavy tanks are plenty, premium medium tank was also introduced (which was made on the basis of t54’s model, by the way), so now it’s the turn of AT fans. Ru: Do you think that players will be interested in such premium vehicle? Ratis[RKKA]: It’s popularity will depend on many factors, but I think it will find it’s fans. murgen[UNC]: You’re forgetting that Jagdtiger’s cabin is much more spacious than the Tiger’s tower. Ru: In the light of the upcoming company battle mode, that will introduce the champion division with the maximum available 8th Tier of vehicles, what do you think about the usability of setups consisting solely of premium machines?Basically what Wargaming is saying to the NA and EU playerbase is "Look, you're going to like it, you're not going to be able to test it and form your own non-biased opinions on it. I'd much rather know what I'm getting in to before I vote with my dollar; That's what a 'public test' is supposed to be all about.Hello Guys, Wow, its good to see that you have been posted about Panzerjäger Tiger, this Tanker is Newly launched and It consist of various types of Guns and the most Important Gun is SPG, which are attached in Back side and it is portable.Would it come to your mind to sell IS-4 , or IS-3 to everyone?Even for the T54 you at least remodeled it and renamed it .Alright, so I had Windows 7 Home Premium on this oldish laptop I'm using. So now I'm back on Windows 7, and it says I need to upgrade my Open GL to atleast 2.0, as it's currently on 1.1.I upgraded to Windows 10, the went to Ubuntu, and am now back to Windows 7. The computer has an Intel Celeron 900, and the driver utility says that there are no available drivers for my product. Alright, so I had Windows 7 Home Premium on this oldish laptop I'm using. So now I'm back on Windows 7, and it says I need to upgrade my Open GL to atleast 2.0, as it's currently on 1.1. "Open GL 1.1" invariably means that it's using the software-only implementation that's built into Windows.Nevertheless, many of these SPGs were simply abandoned by their crews when ammunition would run out, fuel deplete or the machine had taken damage. Ru: It came to our knowledge that the developers are planning to introduce a new premium 8th tier AT soon – Jagdtiger with 8.8 L/71. murgen[UNC]: I see the situation this way: there are two premium machines planned for the USSR branch – KV-5 and IS-6.German analogue of IS-6 is Lowe, and Jagdtiger may become the mirror of KV-5. Jagdtiger was developed in 1942-1944, equipped with the chassis of the German heavy tank “Tiger II” and became the most heavy piece of armored machinery to be ever produced serially.Because of the small number of these machines, their unreliability and constant lack of fuel, combat applications of Jagdtigers were limited and wouldn’t affect the course of the war, however, all of the machines that did see combat, proved their ability to easily destroy any of the armored vehicles that were used by the members of the Anti-Hitler Coalition, all while being almost invulnerable for frontal attacks.

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