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For example, in the image on the left there is a garage complex and an empty lot marked with green arrows, and in the right photo taken a few years later, you can see buildings in those same places: If you're in a situation where items that you drew or edited don't match satellite images, (for example, if the image is like the one on the left that is already seriously outdated), you must include a comment explaining why your work does not match the satellite images.

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This section describes the most important characteristics of satellite images and geographic features for drawing purposes. On some of them the motorways and buildings are clearly visible (as in the left part of the image) and in others only major map items like lakes are distinguishable even when the map is zoomed-in as far as possible (as in the right part of the image).On these sections of the image, it may not be possible to distinguish even major map items (such as in the image to the left; the image on the right is of the same area in clear weather): If territories that you want to map are covered with clouds in the available images, you can draw the item you're interested in schematically by relying on images of the surrounding areas.Then, when a detailed image is available of the area you drew, you can correct your previous work.In these situations, you shouldn't edit the map by shifting items individually to new positions.This type of map section will be edited by Yandex employees and the items will be shifted to their appropriate locations (see the image to the right): Satellite images become outdated over time: an empty lot might appear where a newly built-up territory is, a demolished building might display where a new one has been built, etc.everything seems to be moving farther and farther out on the outskirts of town and i'm all for doing something to bring more people downtown could bring more people to mason city we have businesses closing and it would be nice to get something big started like that in mason city brian tabick k-i- m-t news three.we're also told - after approve state funding - the council is also making weekly calls to the iowa economic development authority to update them one where they are with project and securing the rest of the funds.A lot depends on how deep the snowfall was and if the images differ from images of the same areas that were taken when there was no snow (see the images on the right).Sometimes snow makes it easier to identify a map item.To draw small items (small roads, including pedestrian lanes, individual buildings, etc.), it's better to wait until a detailed satellite image is available. More information can be found in the Satellite images section of the Yandex Map Editor Club.Sometimes there is a discrepancy between the new and old satellite image, so map items don't line up with the new one (as in the image on the left).

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