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Rainbowize | Custom Chat Colors | Price Check SMAC Auto Demo | Steam Rep Checker | Unrestricted FOV Bot Manager | HTTP Text MOTD | Player Analytics Website | More Colors | More Plugins | Donate In the future I'm planning on adding support for users themselves vetoing the update (users type !postponeupdate, and as long as a good enough percentage, set via cvar, types it, it'll get postponed just as an admin typed it).

The behaviour * of the update is dependant on the server's configuration. * * @note On Plugin Updated will be called later during the same frame.This is needed if the update is executed by root and the srcds doesn't run as root.Sets an alternative name for the addons/sourcemod directory.If you are using srcds forks and need multiple sourcemod installations, you have to set this.There won't be any more "point" releases (1.10.7, etc).The server must actually check for updates each run, or this plugin is pointless.The timer can be cancelled by an admin command, and the plugin will ignore any additional restart requests for a predefined period of time (defined via cvar).Plugin creates and loads /cfg/sourcemod/plugin.The advantage of using 1 in auto_steam_update_lock is that clients will be denied before attempting to connect.The advantage of using 2 is that admins will be able to bypass it without knowing a password.--- This fixes plugin versions sometimes being converted to float values. - Fixed plugins without an info enum logging garbage data. - Fixed error handling when failing to create files. - Added a command to force all plugins to be checked for updates: sm_updater_check - Improved logging on unsuccessful updates.- Fixed error log ordering potentially affecting downloads. I made this because that plugin had bugs piling up and it wasn't being maintained.

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