Updating from chart manager to chart assistant

Am Eingangskanal X1/X2 wird allerdings kein Signal erkannt, oder der TX ist nicht eingeschaltet.

Du hast den Parameterabgleich über den Kanal X1/X2 mit dem TX-Knopf ausgewählt.

You may not always be able to, but try to chart as soon as possible after doing something.

Documentation and charting is an essential part of the job for all healthcare professionals including nurses and nursing students.Stelle sicher, dass du die PHANTOM erst fliegst, wenn die LED sechsmal schnell hintereinander gelb geblinkt hat. Viermal hintereinander grünes Blinken bedeutet, dass ein Sensorfehler vorliegt.Der Kompass wurde magnetisiert oder ist nicht kalibriert. Viermal hintereinander gelbes Blinken bedeutet Vorwärmen. Stelle eine Verbindung mit der Assistant Software her, und kalibriere die IMU.Your charting will be what you rely on, not your memory of the events.Whether you are a nursing student or an experienced nurse, there are several things to keep in mind when you are charting.As a nursing student, it is best to learn the correct way of charting from the start.Getting into the right habits early in your nursing career, might save you from headaches later in your career.Avoid charting what someone else may have told you. If you chart something the patient reports, be sure to indicate the patient is stating it, such as “patient stated he was not in any pain.” If you are using a computer charting system, you will not have to worry about handwriting.But if you are documenting the old fashioned way, make sure your handwriting is legible.There is a lot to learn about patient care when you are in nursing school.In addition to understating various disease processes and learning how to perform certain procedures, you also calculate medication dosages and review test results.

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