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His Workout: Crowe weight trained, learned to use a sword, and worked on his farm in Australia.

Plus: Due to on-set accidents, Crowe broke bones in his foot and hip, received stitches on his face, and lost feeling in his right forefinger (after a sword sliced into it).

What He Ate: Personal trainer Dan Harvey put De Niro on a high-carbohydrate diet to fuel his marathon workout sessions.

Whole grains, brown rice, and green vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, and broccoli were the cornerstones.

What He Ate: Dieting was easier thanks to healthy, portion-controlled meals that Chiklis ordered from a delivery service.Plus: De Niro had previously earned serious street cred for his physical dedication to a part with 1980’s .De Niro trained with Jake La Motta (the man he played in the movie), convincing the legendary boxer that De Niro could have fought professionally if he had a mind to.What He Ate: Six to eight meals of lean protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats kept Crowe’s metabolism burning.He chose high-fiber fruits and vegetables to control his appetite and aimed for one gram of protein per pound of his body weight to maximize muscle gain.At this point…I think my look is matured enough that I can lose the weight and keep it off. What He Ate: Eating up to six times per day, Craig cut out carbs in the evenings and based his diet around fish, eggs, chicken, fruits, and vegetables.His Workout: The regimen consisted of weight training Monday through Friday and cardio on the weekends. When an actor dissolves into a character, a physical transformation is often in order—and these changes can either be subtle or taken to the extreme. And the ones in the latter group are usually those whose performances are remembered for generations.To look the part of La Motta in his later years, De Niro then gained 60 pounds—thanks to a trip to Europe and a four-month eating binge.De Niro says: “You’ll have time to rest when you’re dead.” director Jon Favreau wanted Downey to have a physique that looked like “he had the power to forge iron”.

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