Thaao penghlis and leann hunley are dating

How many times do two people love each other, but they keep their distance because they think the other is rejecting them? If the object of our affection dumps us, we can imagine he's been told by evil aliens that the world will be destroyed if he doesn't pretend he hates us. He tried to go farther than I wanted to, but there was nothing too pushy going on. Maybe that guy in my room had been my soulmate, and the guy I saw the next day didn't know who the hell I was. But I loved every little moment of that phone call.

But then when I saw him next, he seemed completely uninterested in me. I probably had some delusional soap opera hopes for a day or so. I hate when you spend an evening with someone, believing there's really something between you two. You thought something was great, and then you have to reevaluate all your initial impressions. Lord Wiki says he got the role because of his dark complexion...despite having a strong Aussie accent. It would be so weird to hear Tony Di Mera talking Australian. I'll name some of the stuff I remember from the storylines...I'm not always quite sure if it was Tony or Andre. I think this is one of the storylines where he was a good guy...kind of cool and sexy. He was a serial killer who framed Roman Brady for a bunch of murders...turned out to be Andre. He made it look like Marlena had killed all these people, but it ended up they were all kidnapped on some weird island place. Anyway, I'm laughing right now because Lord Wiki also says that Andre had been impersonating Tony for over twenty years. The imagery was nice, but the music made it feel kind of creepy. And it would totally suck to connect with someone, and then be rejected the next day when they have a new personality. I knew I had mentioned being shocked, but I didn't know I had gone into such detail. So I think most of my feelings were some kind of delusional self-esteem issue. I sometimes have dreams where people seem to not like me. He's on , the soap opera I've been watching since I was about ten. Looking back, I'm thinking that there were people out there that were fond of me, and not just because they felt an obligation to love me. His career died down when sound was added to the the movies because his Spanish accent was so strong. Also in 1980, Penghlis was in the science fiction movie . The movie is about a scientists who experiments with hallucinatory drugs. I just didn't realize he was an Australian with Greek heritage. He's bad, then he's good, then he's bad; but then it ends up it wasn't him. That might have been Andre behind it all, not Tony. I feel I should write about Tony Di Mera, the same as I write about other soap opera characters....especially since I actually watch the show. I just don't understand the Tony Di Mera storyline. But I guess they're both played by Thaao, so it's okay. That was one of the dumbest soap opera storylines ever.

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