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The ecclesiastical full moon, taken from the tables, however, occurred on March 20, before the ecclesiastical equinox on March 21.In the astronomical case, this full moon occurred after the equinox, but in the ecclesiastical case, it preceded the equinox.There are three major differences between the ecclesiastical and the astronomical systems.

Similarly, in 1954 the first ecclesiastical full moon after March 21 fell on Saturday, April 17. The astronomical equinox also occurred on March 21.

See our FAQ on Calendars for a description of the difference.

Universal adoption of this Gregorian calendar occurred slowly.

The Western (Roman Catholic and Protestant) Christian churches use the Gregorian tables while many Eastern (Orthodox) Christian churches use older tables based on the Julian Calendar.

Thus, the civil date of Easter depends upon which tables - Gregorian or pre-Gregorian - are used.

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