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Skilled pilot and astronaut Experienced hand-to-hand combatant Use of various weapons (As Man-Wolf): Superhuman strength, speed, agility and durability Enhanced senses Accelerated healing factor Large razor sharp claws and teeth (As Stargod): Vast superhuman strength High-level durability Cosmic and telepathic powers Wears scale mail armor Use of a broadsword, dagger, short bow and arrows John Jonah Jameson III (also known by the aliases Colonel Jupiter, Man-Wolf, and Stargod) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Conway explained: I'd wanted to do something with [John Jameson] for a long time. During his lengthy stint on The Amazing Spider-Man during the 1970s, writer Gerry Conway had Jameson turned into a werewolf, with the new alias "Man-Wolf".Moonlight activated the gem, which transformed him into the lycanthropic Man-Wolf, Later, he was transported to the dimension known as "Other Realm", from which the ruby originated and the source of the radiation that transforms John into the Man-Wolf.It was revealed that the ruby was created by the dying Stargod to pass on his powers.He now retains his intelligence while in Man-Wolf form, has the Stargod's powers, and apparently can switch between human and lupine forms.

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She-Hulk and Stargod separated after she discovered that her feelings for John were influenced prior to their marriage by her former Avengers teammate, Starfox, He resumed his human form and tried to reconcile with Jennifer, but when she rejected him again, John realized their relationship was truly over and he signed the legal papers annulling their marriage.

Also, at this point, it's 1973, John Jameson is an astronaut, and we've been to the moon, so I asked myself, "What would we do with that in Spider-Man's world? It also added another layer of tension to Spider-Man's relationship with J. As a writer, you always want to find a way to increase the pressure on the main character, to increase the involvement of other characters with that character. Jonah Jameson, the irascible, gruff publisher of the Daily Bugle.

Consequently, anything that could make Jonah's hatred of Spider-Man more intense and at the same time more understandable was a useful device dramatically. Jonah is immensely proud of his son, whom he sees as a true hero.

Jameson remains friends with Spider-Man and often tries to convince his father to "let up on him." He spent some time as Ravencroft Head of Security and briefly dated its director Dr. Both John and Ashley were fired by a director angry about the escape of the Chameleon and his subsequent wounding by Kraven the Hunter II.

Via hypnotherapy, Kafka helped discover that Jack O'Lantern had caused him to attack his hospitalized father.

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