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Years later, a profile in The Musical Times considered that his failure to get to Leipzig was fortunate for Elgar's musical development: "Thus the budding composer escaped the dogmatism of the schools." However, it was a disappointment to Elgar that on leaving school in 1872 he went not to Leipzig but to the office of a local solicitor as a clerk.He did not find an office career congenial, and for fulfilment he turned not only to music but to literature, becoming a voracious reader.Between 19, he conducted a series of acoustic recordings of his works.The introduction of the moving-coil microphone in 1923 made far more accurate sound reproduction possible, and Elgar made new recordings of most of his major orchestral works and excerpts from The Dream of Gerontius.George's Roman Catholic Church, Worcester, from 1846 to 1885.

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He felt himself to be an outsider, not only musically, but socially.All the Elgar children received a musical upbringing. "Billy" Reed wrote that Elgar's early surroundings had an influence that "permeated all his work and gave to his whole life that subtle but none the less true and sturdy English quality".By the age of eight, Elgar was taking piano and violin lessons, and his father, who tuned the pianos at many grand houses in Worcestershire, would sometimes take him along, giving him the chance to display his skill to important local figures. He began composing at an early age; for a play written and acted by the Elgar children when he was about ten, he wrote music that forty years later he rearranged with only minor changes and orchestrated as the suites titled The Wand of Youth. However, his only formal musical training beyond piano and violin lessons from local teachers consisted of more advanced violin studies with Adolf Pollitzer, during brief visits to London in 1877–78.He was an active member of the Worcester Glee club, along with his father, and he accompanied singers, played the violin, composed and arranged works, and conducted for the first time.Pollitzer believed that, as a violinist, Elgar had the potential to be one of the leading soloists in the country, Elgar coached the players and wrote and arranged their music, including quadrilles and polkas, for the unusual combination of instruments.His second symphony and his cello concerto did not gain immediate public popularity and took many years to achieve a regular place in the concert repertory of British orchestras.Elgar's music came, in his later years, to be seen as appealing chiefly to British audiences.In 1841 William moved to Worcester, where he worked as a piano tuner and set up a shop selling sheet music and musical instruments.William Elgar was a violinist of professional standard and held the post of organist of St.He also composed choral works, including The Dream of Gerontius, chamber music and songs.He was appointed Master of the King's Musick in 1924.

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