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Later reports were that the plume was then mainly steam.

Sudden melting of snow and ice at the summit caused by pyroclastic flows and dome collapses caused lahars, or mudflows, which flowed down the north flank of the mountain.The news comes from Sunrise, but nothing definite has been ascertained as to whether any damage was done, for no boats have as yet been in the neighborhood of the volcano." There were many other news reports on the eruption, one describing the eruption as "a terrific earthquake which burst the mountain asunder leaving a large gap," which could possibly suggest the crack formation in the volcano's crater, however, it is unlikely.Supposedly, the volcano was ejecting "flames" from its caldera, and the eruption terrified natives in the area.The Global Volcanism Program of the Smithsonian Institution refers to the mountain simply as "Redoubt", and lists the following as alternate names: Burnt Mountain, Goreloi, Mirando, Ujakushatsch, Viesokaia and Yjakushatsch.).The sides of the upper cone are relatively steep (in comparison to volcanoes in general).Developmental and novice programs have been initiated along with hosting Regional and National Championships in several sports. These fields are primarily used for soccer, lacrosse and roller hockey but are not limited to these activities.Field one measures 185 feet by 80 feet Field two measures 170 feet by 80 feet Field three measures 120 feet by 60 feet Both field one and field two have been leveled with black top and coated to allow puck play for premier roller hockey action.Also present on the mountain are Holocene lahar deposits that extend as far as the Cook Inlet, Captain James Cook saw Mt.Redoubt during the summer of 1778, describing it as "emitting a white smoke but no fire which made some think it was no more than a white thick cloud such as we have frequently seen on the Coast, for the most part appearing on the sides of hills and often extends along a whole range and at different times falls or rises, expands or contracts itself and has a resemblance to Clouds of white smoke, but this besides being too small for one of those clouds, remained as it were fixed in the same spot for the whole time the Mountain was clear which was above 48 hours." However, several sources call this a "discredited eruption".A majority of the mudflows coursed to Cook Inlet, about 22 miles (35 km) from the volcano.The lahars entered a nearby river, worrying officials that they might destroy an oil storage facility located along it.

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