Should you give out your phone number online dating

That does seem to be one of those "unwritten rules", I think even regardless of age, that the guy's still supposed to be the "initiator" (e.g. At some point whenever appropriate, I usually include something in an email to the effect that, "if you'd like to try chatting on the phone, here's my #, or else I can give you a call if easier." Nine times out of ten, they'll leave their number and indicate for me to make the call first.And seems to be one of those "hard-wired" things, that makes no difference even if they're self-described "feminists"! Many times a phone call will tell you if there's a reason to meet.If I wanted to exchange numbers with strangers I wouldn’t need to be on a dating site.I take totally advantage of the communication method of a dating site all the way until I feel comfortable enough to give out mine.Had a close call once where someone would not stop calling.Personally, I become very uncomfortable when I receive an email on here and they writes to me "Hey, your pretty. I don' t like endless emails back and forth."I am leary on giving out my number to someone I do not know.My own father had been recently laid to rest so I wanted to 'be there' for her. I feel like the man should take the initiative and leave his number, I also feel like leaving your number is less threatening than asking for theirs If a guy sends me his phone number on the initial contact I take that as desperate LOL and makes me wonder how many other women he is sending it too, so I delete the email on contact. I normally get the guys numbers after a few emails and block my number (*67 )...and when I do decide to give my number out and it all goes wrong and I want to get rid then I block them, most cell company's give you this facility these days, or I ignore the calls.

I can give you my cell number and you can text/call me3.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. When is it the right moment to slip in the phone number in your email conversations? LOL Its been my experience in the past lol...uh making a profile that sorta draws a line in the sand right up front makes everything after that so much easier.

I am not a big fan of endless emails back and fourth and would generally like to progress to talk to the person of interest on the phone as soon as possible. If they get the joke..whatever you wanna call it, then you just feel that mojo baby ...yeahhhh baby yeahhhh im such a dork its unreal.

I get at least one or two, "hey pretty babe" or "you are so pretty and what I'm looking for" messages a day and leave their number and ask for mine. Gosh, with things like Caller ID and Voice Mail standard nowadays, whodda thunk giving out your phone number would become such a Big Deal?

So does that also mean that when you meet someone new in person, you're only supposed to give out just your email address now (..least until you know 'em better)?! This has nothing to do with safety, security or even annoying people.

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