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In this paper, we review an alternative response to human trafficking, including child prostitution, where sex workers themselves—organized collectively as Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (DMSC)—address the related problems of coerced and underaged sex work.

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During the day, the peer educator or malkin accompanies the new girl or woman to the clinic or drop-in centre where a space is available for SRB meetings.

In these areas, differentiation is generally made between the majority of workers who migrate voluntarily and those who are trafficked.

Where the sex trade is concerned, however, distinctions between consensual and coerced work are often blurred.

This demand is often readily met, especially where poverty is pervasive and women have few viable economic options. Some move to areas where sex work is known to be lucrative, seeking a way out of poverty.

Others set out looking for other work, and may end up in sex work, either out of choice or through deception.

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