Sc law dating seperation

These divorce actions are heard by the judge with no summons requirement and with a statutory eye toward a speedy resolution.

Note also that some of the required documentation, particularly the separation agreement, is most prudently handled via mediation sessions out of court, and usually with attorney representation to ensure full legal accuracy.

We advise consulting with a qualified Family Law attorney prior to making any decisions about moving out of your home.

See our “Divorce Mediation” section below for more information.

South Carolina courts have the authority to order alternative dispute resolution when they see fit.

There are no major procedures in South Carolina that allow for simplified or special divorces.

The one exception is no-fault divorces filed with 1) a petition signed by both parties, 2) a notarized separation agreement or marital settlement agreement, and 3) an affidavit swearing to the irretrievability of the marriage.

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