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(Alternative title: “Help, I followed the steps provided earlier and I’m still seeing failures!” This applies to anyone who missed KB 3159706 when it was offered as a hotfix to Windows Server 2012/R2, and who subsequently enabled synching of Upgrades in their environment before patching WSUS.Back in July of 2015 we had a company migrate us from SBS 2011 to Server 2012 R2.We did this so that we could install the latest version of Microsoft GP.

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The current Server 2012 R2 installation does NOT have WSUS installed.We have less than 20 client computers, so I am not concerned with update issues for such few clients.However, we do run a multiple server environment, but I want to be notified before updates are installed.The Upgrades that were likely downloaded most recently happen to be for the…So you understand my skill level, let me preface with saying that I am a self taught administrator with little formal training besides the online MCSA training course for Windows Server 2012. I also work for a small business and wear many different hats, so I do not focus all of my time on IT.The WSUS database grows to a very large size causing a number of symptoms.According to the research I have done Microsoft does not limit resources or the size of the WSUS database. In the SBS Console I have updates for Client AND Server computers set to none…On the Client Workstations that use WSUS (Not WU) I have them set to update automatically…Setting it to "Not Configured" will allow users to control these settings on their own machines.The latter setting is more important in your case, as it tells the clients where to find a WSUS server.

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