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"We’re still there for her, she’s still big-time a part of the family,” he said.

Novak remembered his pal fondly: “Everyone in town loved him. He would take a minute away from what he was doing to talk to anyone,” Novak said.

But she does know the torment that comes from an abusive relationship, and her experience was actually with a friend.

Because of what she's been though, Debby decided to partner with Mary Kay and Love Is Respect for their "Don't Look Away" campaign.

"I thought I was stronger than that, and it can make you feel weak," she says.

"There's a 24-hour, completely safe, completely anonymous texting counsel service. You can text them anything, from getting help calling the police to asking about the signs of dating abuse," Debby says.

With all the incredible opportunities ahead of Debby, and the negative influences totally swiped clear from her life, it's clear that 21 is going to be a good year.

"People that demand your password and always look over your shoulder, ask who you're texting, and grab your phone and let themselves in—that's not OK," she says.

After realizing how common the patterns are in other women, she knew it was something she needed to speak up about."The time I decided to get out wasn't late, but it was really, really late in the game.

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