Rowupdating findcontrol textbox

all good On update(edit) of an item in the lookup table I would like to also update any records of a main inventory table that contains the old lookup value.

Value Dim Items As New Array List Dim count As Integer For count = 1 To Convert.

To String()); Grid View Row row = (Grid View Row)Grid View_Doctors. Row Index]; string str User User Name = "peshangm"; string str Countriesid = Countries ID. Find Control("txt Search"); Text Box txt Perm = (Text Box)row.

Find Control("text Zhmaray Sandeka"); Text Box txt Search = (Text Box)row. Text "' " "where DRID=" userid; //Call Open database - connect to the database Ole Db Connection obj Connection = new Ole Db Connection(str Connection); Ole Db Command obj Command = new Ole Db Command(str SQL, obj Connection); obj Connection.

New Edit Index Dim row Idx As Integer row Idx = Convert.

To String) Dim original Qty As Hidden Field original Qty = CType(Cart Grid.

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