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It all makes her the perfect candidate for the escort service, which she easily enters via her best friend Avery (Kate Lyn Sheil).Also Read: ' The Girlfriend Experience': You Won't Understand Riley Keough's Christine, and That's OK It’s an interesting dynamic between the two as Christine (escort name Chelsea) enters the world in which her friend has been living while Avery begins to slip.“I got a very interesting vibe from her,” he says of Keough’s performance. She has a quality that’s rare in a person, much less an actor.There’s no sense of trying to protect an idea of herself, or a persona that’s separate from who she is at her core.” Because of this, she establishes a startling intimacy with the viewer.Riley, 25, looked like the ultimate bohemian in her white lace couture gown by Delphine Manivet, which was full-length and fitted, with vintage-style buttons and an open back.

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“I didn’t want to be like, ‘Hey, I’m promoting it,’ or ‘Hey, I’m against it.’ We wanted to show an accurate story of this girl who ends up doing it.”Truth be told, Christine is not particularly likable.It’s a safe choice—the barely there hue won’t clash with the dark Dior ensemble she’ll wear tomorrow to the Critics’ Choice Awards (, set to premiere on Starz next month, the actress plays a Chicago law student who revels in the empowerment and detachment of sex work—and spends a lot of her time naked in the throes of calculated ecstasy.Innocuous nail shades aside, the role, like many of Keough’s career choices, is a high-wire feat that should pay off big time.Riley Keough’s nails are striped with a riot of color—sparkly mahogany, mermaid blue, Manic Panic purple.At Kure Spa in Silver Lake, we’re testing out polishes for a mani-pedi, and the tyranny of choice is killing us. “I always want to go for the wild shades,” says Keough, her voice still a tad hoarse from pneumonia, “but most of the time, I just have to pick nude.” Defeated, she brings the Deborah Lippmann neutral back to our cushioned white perches where the spa technicians scrub away at our soles.There’s an intrigue to the character that’s not often seen on television.Viewers won’t feel sorry for these characters or even necessarily relate to them, but they’ll pay attention.Riley Keough, the eldest grandchild of Elvis Presley, married in an intimate candlelit ceremony two weeks ago, and HELLO!Online can now bring you the gorgeous wedding pictures.It's easy to see why Ben was "blown away" when he first saw his bride.The ceremony was officiated by music industry veteran Jerry Schilling, and in keeping with the couple's laidback style, dinner served by the lake, before the wedding band, which included Riley's father and brother, began performing and "everyone just danced for hours".

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