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After every take, everyone would rush to Ralph, but he’d tell everyone to help me first, and let me to go first to take a hot shower (and clean off for the next take). We were in the Shuri Castle set as the shot was being set up, when the line was created for me, and Pat was enlisted to help me pronounce the line, “If not for you, I not be here” with the appropriate accent. I recall seeing him many years later at a Perry and Price morning radio show appearance after I sang. He made some one liner joke like he did when he played “Al” in Happy Days that made me crack up. Although this was Tamlyn’s first film too, she was incredibly relaxed, professional, fun, and encouraging.It excites me to see how much she continues to brightly lead the way for Asian American actresses, as she is beautiful, kind, professional, and talented.My sister and I kept Karate Kid posters of Ralph Macchio on our bedroom walls, so everything – from the audition process (standing and crying, hitting an imaginary bell in a room at the Ilikai Hotel), to the callbacks (on set with many other kids – all needing to climb the tower and cry), to the filming process (did some of my own stunts and had a stunt woman!) , to the premiere in Hollywood (my mom and I got to attend! From Day One, Ralph was so kind, thoughtful and professional.🙂 I recently received an autograph request stating how I made the movie better when I appeared.

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Thankfully, I didn’t need to “interact” with the gator, as others did.BTW, my Hawaii Five-0 episode – 2.6 “Ka Hakaka Maikai” airs October 24, 2011.Graphic artist, movie geek, and awesome dad are probably the best ways to describe Guest Manager Valentino Valdez.We shot that bell tower scene a zillion times (not only in Hawaii in Kahalu’u, but also in Los Angeles in a movie studio parking lot).That required much rehearsal and getting wet, cold, and muddy. When my part was extended, and my mother and I went to LA to continue filming.Blocking was consciously considered and rehearsed so it made sense in the story. I feel the success of that show (besides the incredible talent and imaginative storylines) were due to the efforts made to tell the story.After having auditioned for 4 seasons without any callbacks, to have been a part of LOST history (not to mention Lostpedia 😉 continues to be a blessing, as the program continues to air throughout the world.The producers Jason Lau, and John Ching (who was also the director of ) were awesome to work with, including producer Angela Laprete, who is Production Supervisor for Hawaii Five-0.In fact, many that worked on that crew work on Five-0, so it was seamless, and such an enjoyable experience for me.He took a chance on me, and gave me the opportunity to do more in the film than what was originally scripted (a featured extra part).He was incredibly helpful, warm, and as you can see from his work, brilliant.

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