Radcombobox selectedvalue not updating

If you call the show Drop Down / toggle Drop Down method on a button click, you will have to use combo.set_close Drop Down On Blur(false) right before you call the show Drop Down / toggle Drop Down method, otherwise the drop-down area will flicker instead of open.

Then, you should use combo.set_close Drop Down On Blur(true) in the On Client Blur event handler.

However, when I click a button to switch the Object Instance to obj2, the Combo Box Items Source gets populated correctly in the dropdown, but the Selected Value is set to Nothing instead of being equal to obj2. Problem: The Combo Box class searches for the specified object by using the Index Of method. took me more than a week to resolve this small fyn.

The Combo Box contains the names "Joe" and "Steve" and "Steve" is selected by default.

Hello Billy Hasan, I used the code provided and created a sample page in order to reproduce the issue with our latest version - Telerik. Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed?

I reviewed the linked video, my situation does not have a "show value" button, the second drop down does a post back and that displays the selected value. On my side your code works properly and items with same text are selected correctly - please take a look at this demonstration video. Greetings, Kalina the Telerik team Do you want to have your say when we set our development plans?

Now when i need to change te selected Item the enableloadondemand fires correctly and loads items filtered on the text typed in the text area.Since the text gets updated normally when selecting a different item how come the value doesn't ?i have a snippet with how i handle the selectedindexchanged event.This article explains about the methods of the Rad Combo Box client-side object. Writes the changes to Rad Combo Box that were made since a previous call to track Changes , so that they are preserved over postbacks.The Rad Combo Box client API allows for complete control over the client object, giving the developer the opportunity to set the behavior of the control depending on the scenario. Client-side changes are available on the server after postback.Use it in this scenario: Ajaxified control in Item Template does a full postback.The Items Requested event is fired when a callback is initiated from the client-side - when the user types in the combobox input field or when the user clicks the drop-arrow image.You should, however, keep into account that you should not use the built-in callback machinism of Telerik Rad Combo Box along with Telerik Rad Ajax.The problem is simple: By default WPF compares Selected Item to each item in the Items Source by reference, meaning that unless the Selected Item points to the same item in memory as the Items Source item, it will decide that the item doesn’t exist in the Items Source and so no item gets selected. Object Instance = obj2 End Sub End Class When the Window first loads, the bindings hook up fine.The Binding Mode needs to be One Way To Source or Two Way since the source is what you want updated.

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