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Failing to remove it, she falls to the ground unconscious. In another apartment, Janine confides to her friend, Betts, about Nick's recent behaviour.When Janine returns, she finds Nick has passed out on the kitchen floor after vomiting blood.A mob of zombie-like, infected residents roaming Starliner Towers' corridors, break into the old couple's apartment, overpowering and infecting them. Luc finds Forsythe about to be raped by the infected security guard. He ushers them into his office, where they are pounced on by a delirious group of orgiastic zombies.In her apartment, Betts comforts a distraught Janine, revealing her amorous feelings for her. Linsky arrives at Starliner Towers, to an eerily deserted lobby.An elderly couple, attacked in a corridor by a parasite, tell St.Luc that they threw the creature down a chute, where it may have fallen into the basement dumpster. Luc ventures into the cellar, searching for the parasite, where he is ambushed by another infected resident.

The two bodies are found by resident doctor, Roger St. Following more convulsions, Nick leaves work early.

In the laundry room, a woman spots a trail of brown slime leading from an open window to a washing machine.

Lifting the lid, she is attacked by the parasite, which leaps out, clamping onto her cheek. Luc's office, an elderly resident complains to the doctor about stomach lumps, saying he may have caught them, as an STD, from "the girl in 1511", who was Annabelle Brown.

Nick himself then attacks and kills Linsky, replacing the parasite that had attacked Linksy into his own body, by cramming it into his mouth. Luc about a dream in which an old man tells her that: "even old flesh is erotic flesh, that disease is the love of two alien kinds of creatures for each other, that even dying is an act of eroticism". Luc knocks her unconscious and carries her along a corridor, containing storage lockers for the residents.

The wooden wall-panels burst apart and a sea of arms break through, reaching at them. Luc runs to Tudor's apartment, where he finds Nick in the kitchen, kneeling over Linsky's bloody corpse. Luc shoots Nick then tries to escape from the building, but finds all the exits blocked. Luc sees Betts and Janine in the pool, fooling around amorously, both of them infected. Luc finally escapes from the building, only to be confronted by hundreds of Starliner residents, all clearly infected, slowly and silently advancing towards him. Luc is pushed into the pool where Betts, Janine and Forsythe await him. A radio announcement describes a wave of unexplained sexual assaults across Montreal and the surrounding area, which may have originated at Starliner Towers.

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