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The i Carol story only gets more exciting from here, and we’re looking forward to all the new possibilities ahead.Becoming a part of Harris Computer Systems is the latest positive step for the growth of i Carol, and for the benefit of our expanding client base.Does the very idea of this cause you to break out into a cold sweat? If you feel uncomfortable or unprepared when it comes time to communicate effectively and succinctly with the media or the public, then I hope you’ll join us for our next webinar on Wednesday, April 4 at 2pm EST.We’ll be joined by Chris Maxwell, Communications Coordinator for the American Association of Suicidology, for a webinar on the topic of crafting effective messaging for your crisis center.We’re looking for any type of training manuals that have been created for i Carol, for example to teach your users how to document interactions in i Carol, or to teach your resource editors how to maintain resources in your database.The information you send us will be kept confidential, and will only be used for planning purposes.

First, we’re calling out for your custom i Carol Training Materials that have been created at your organization!When you click the button, a pop-out appears explaining ‘What is the i Carol Ideas Portal?’ which includes links to additional training materials about the feature.If you’d like to share any i Carol training materials with us, and provide any feedback about existing training materials, please have a designated Support Contact submit a case with your manual(s) included as an attachment.Second, we made this survey about your custom i Carol training materials and the existing training available in i Carol.Founders Neil and Jackie Mc Kechnie combined their mutual experiences in two very different worlds – volunteering at a Distress Centre and careers in the high tech industry – and built a solution that would go on to be used by hundreds of organizations and over 76,000 users worldwide.We’re very proud of our origin story and honored every day to serve the caring and selfless people who work at those organizations.Please note this pilot is currently only available to i Carol systems on NA0, our default i Carol servers; you can identify if your system is on NA0 because the URLS for all pages in i Carol will begin with “webapp”.All of this information will be used to help us prioritize what training tasks should be prioritized this year, based on what you think will make the biggest impact.Are you curious to see how these channels are handled in i Carol, and how they fit seamlessly into the rest of the functions of the software?I hope you’ll join my teammate Mary and I for a live demo on Thursday at 2pm EDT so we can show you!

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