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Men admitted to lying about height, weight and physique in their top five lies -- behind jobs and ahead of money -- and women lied about weight, age, physique, and height, with money rounding out the top five. Most of these are lies their dates can spot in the first few seconds of seeing them.

Fifty-three percent of American people surveyed said they lied in their online dating profiles.Establishing a good rapport ahead of meeting face-to-face makes it easier for people to open up.6.You will meet people outside your social circle Before online dating, meeting someone outside your social circle or local community was a challenge.If you want someone to talk to but are not ready to meet face-to-face, meeting people online will let you start making connections from the comfort of your own home.3.You can be ‘picky’ if you want With online dating, the dating pool is right at your fingertips.Dating online offers certain perks that are harder to come by when meeting people through traditional means.From giving you the chance to ‘be yourself’ to opening a world of new opportunities, here are the top 10 reasons why online dating is becoming more popular. It’s easy to get started While many fear taking the plunge, online dating is actually an easy option for those who are slowly getting out there.You will find plenty of people you can connect with, which means you get to be as picky as you wish.A having a little browse around the site will also help you understand what’s out there.The possibility of looking further into your love interest from the safety of your own home is likely to give you a confidence boost and a sense of security.It also means you can politely back out of the date and pretend nothing happened.10.

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