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Gunnison Beach, however, is on land owned and managed by the federal government and therefore is not subject to state or local regulations.As a result, Gunnison became the only legal nude beach in the state.College golf courses naturally attract a lot of nighttime romantics, because, you know, kids. We recently asked golfers to complete an online survey about their "after-hours" experiences. This means one of the golfers in your usual foursome has probably done it.Almost a third of the 1,000-plus respondents said they've had sex on a golf course. (Apologies for the mental image that might have created.)We're not claiming this was a scientific survey, representative of all golfers.John, a bar manager who asked us not to use his last name, wound up with a woman in a greenside bunker at North Carolina's Ballantyne resort early one morning in the 2000s."The grounds crew found us," says John, who was in his 30s then. It was awkward, but I wasn't scared they were going to arrest us or anything.His first experience was more than 50 years ago, but he'll never forget it. "Heed the cartpath if you have no blanket," warns a Pennsylvania golf professional.

"On a moonlit night, it's absolutely exquisite," says Jim Harrison, a 75-year-old Arizona investor and golf-equipment inventor. Dew is a common complaint, along with grass stains, bugs and darkness.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day a parking fee is charged to enter Sandy Hook.

In 1999, New Jersey passed a law that allows municipalities and counties to prohibit all types of nudism on state or local beaches in their jurisdiction.

"On one side is your level of attraction to another person. Some people would be like, It's in our nature.

For some people, risk-taking is a big part of what motivates them."Note, too, that fewer than 5 percent of our respondents said they've been caught--and none of them reported any serious consequences.

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