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I have concluded that this is absolutely taking place, which indicates to me a database is building a file that then a texting version of the ebot is in place using all collected data to insiure future individuals are always being contacted by the next possible female counterpart that has more and more incommen with the user that is possibly under some sort of investigation for whatever reason. Avoid this piece of crap site, with phony profiles and made up interest to get your money. Some reviews says that once upgrade the account there is no option to cancel the subscribe.

And all information collected ins and will be used against him in a court of law! Most women are In teleconference based in Ghana, Human trafficking ring?? I saw your reviews and most of them says you are scam, fake and junk. You dont have the paypal payment system and there is no guarantee that my payment will be secure. Please answer me as I'm trying to cancel my 3 day subscription, but it won't let me.

Stay out don't get fool by these scammers Watch out for Jamie Beaty Basically any date site that doesn't at least provide an address/location of their "company" then it's almost always a fraud.

Even if just casually looking this is the worst site I have ever seen. Had to cancel my credit cards due to over seas charges ! I am a senior looking for a significant other and started with

Then I went in and ready their terms and conditions - and yep, there it was.

They will charge you full membership if you do not remove your profile before the free trial period ends.

I went on the site for information as to how to cancel and get a refund. Most people will not write for a refund and if they do they have another way around it. If I compare with the other site I use ( I'd have to admit that WJF wins cos ive had more dates and even met someone that I was seeing for a while on that site.

If you are wary of Russian dating services or have had bad luck with them in the past, we understand your skepticism.

Russian dating agencies have gotten a bad name from a few unscrupulous and fly-by-night operations. Most of our ladies hold advanced degrees and many work as professionals. Lovly Russian girls There are thousands of Russian girls looking for love!

So I am going to eat the and write a few reviews about my experiences with Mate1. Better read their terms and conditions before you use the free trial.

My suggestion would be that you run from Mate1 as fast as you can and avoid Match Seniors. I chose a 3-day free trial and checked my visa charge account and they had charged me .95.

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