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Working his shaft with both her mouth and hands, Lilia pulls her panties to one side with a certain look on her eye and her boyfriend knows exactly what to do.

He starts to lick her delicate pussy and then Lilia climbs on top of him to get her pussy fucked.

He turns her around and they continue to kiss before he moves his mouth down to her nipples, giving them a lick as they poke through the fishnet fabric.

Lilia knows what she wants and she pushes him down onto the bed after unbuttoning his shirt.

She unzips his jeans and soon this cock sucking babe is getting her mouth filled!

Just as they are about to go upstairs, the doorbell rings and another visitor arrives. 'And will you promise to double the commission, like you said? Karen bites her lips and starts to unbutton her blouse in front of the man. Looking up as he unzips his pants, he asks her to start by sucking his dick.

Relieved, Karen excuses herself and goes to open the door. He asks her to strip down completely, which she does. She says YES and this descends into the BG sex scene.

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