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The band appeared on French television with Salvador Dalí, who splashed black paint on them during a performance of their second single "Rainbow Chaser." Campbell-Lyons kept the jacket, but regrets that Dalí did not sign any of their paint-splashed clothes.Island Records allegedly sent the artist an invoice for the cleaning of Schuster's cello.Studio Album, released in 1970 Songs / Tracks Listing - UK Edition1.

In 1999, they released a three-disc CD anthology titled Chemistry, including twelve previously unreleased tracks and some new material.The instrumental work was primarily undertaken by top session musicians and orchestral musicians - with Campbell-Lyons providing a little guitar and Spyropoulos contributing some keyboards.Musically, Campbell-Lyons and Spyropoulos blended myriad musical styles including rock, pop, folk, jazz, Latin rhythms and classical music, primarily augmented by baroque chamber-style arrangements to create a unique entity.When the recording was presented on the Orange and Blue album, Campbell-Lyons's liner notes treated it seriously and with allusion to Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights.Also according to the website, the band still wanted to open for Hole even after Cobain's death.Their first three albums were reissued on CD by Universal Records in 2003 and received critical acclaim.In 2005, Universal (Japan) reissued Local Anaesthetic and Songs Of Love And Praise.One track, "Christopher Lucifer," was a jibe at Blackwell.In 1971 the duo amicably separated, with Campbell-Lyons the primary contributor to the next two Nirvana albums, Local Anaesthetic 1971, and Songs Of Love And Praise 1972, the latter featuring the return of Sylvia Schuster.However they were not core founding members of the group and within a few months Nirvana had reverted to its original two-person lineup.The four musicians who augmented Campbell-Lyons and Spyropoulos on their live appearances and television shows for those few months were Ray Singer (guitar), Brian Henderson (bass), Sylvia A.

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