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Seriously better pricing could be obtained if the debt could be both credit- and time-tranched like in most other structured finance products.Now there are ways around these problems, but none of these fixes work terribly well.Each of these fixes, though, has, shall we say, material negative externalities which limit their use.With all that said, this structure is very useful in the right situation.

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The manager anticipates selling and resolving all of these loans and reducing them to cash in a finite and relatively short period of time.

We are looking for partners with access to local investors that buy distressed Properties in cities in IN, IL, KY, AZ, UT, NV, FL, SC, NJ, MD.

We're direct to sellers, with no daisy-chains, and pay broker commissions from the sell side as well.

First, these are management intensive transactions that are dependent upon the investors’ confidence in the quality and performance capabilities of the manager.

Second, the quality of data available on seasoned non- or under-performing loans tends to be a bit dodgy, and that impacts the quality of disclosure and the difficulty of delivering high quality information to manager and investor.

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