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He said he worked in theater for 20 years and he has seen people naked before. Robin read some details about what went on down there and how some of the victims were laid to rest. Robin read a story about Secretary Ben Carson having a new ,000 dining room set in his office. Robin read a story about how Sarah Sanders was saying that President Trump is for raising the minimum age for buying guns.

Howard said he could continue the show without doing anything or take a break and try to fix this. Thom said he didn't see anything but he apparently did. Robin had some audio of her talking about domestic violence from a couple of different men. Robin read a story about how class is back in session in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. She said that he's already hired someone to run the campaign.

am After the break Fred was playing The Clash's ''Should I Stay or Should I Go.'' Howard came back and said he thought Fred would play that song Jennifer likes to get topless to. Howard said it was very nice meeting Jennifer Lawrence. Howard said he loved that she threw herself out of a bus. The caller said she was very comfortable being there. Howard said he was so caught up with The Bachelor last night. Howard said Jennifer Lawrence must be the one who breaks up with the guys she dates. Robin read a story about some women who are suing the city because they had to take off their Hijabs for mug shots.

Howard said he was looking at Jennifer and thinking how perfect looking she is. He said he thought it was odd when they were rubbing breasts together. Robin said she's had to handle that for a long time.

Howard said he'd love to do a show every day 7 days a week. Howard took another call from a guy who said that interview made his week.

Robin said he couldn't stop talking to Jennifer and he forgot about the news. He said he just wants to say that he is grateful that they take a break. Howard said it's good for the fans to get a break from the show.

He said he told Robin he would like to do an interview with Imus and Imus said on his show he'd like to come in. They did an investigation and found the woman's head in a suitcase. Howard said there's that site 1where you get tickets for the letterman taping. Howard said his wife loves watching pimples getting popped. Robin said there's a toddler who has an allergy to water. Robin said the mother tells People magazine that her 18 month old daughter breaks out in hives when her skin comes in contact with water. Robin read a story about the Treasury department holding up money for aide for Puerto Rico. Howard said he liked it when he called in and said ''You know who I am.'' Howard said he's going to remember this guy Mike from Canton.

Gary said he has been communicating with someone in the office. Robin read more details about that story and how they had video of the woman never leaving this apartment. Howard said no phones or cameras will be allowed either. Robin said they're going to be dressed better than him. Howard took a call from a guy who said he thinks the Ronnie's Mom call this morning was one of the funniest in show history. Howard said stop because any rare thing he hears about he gets. Pimple Popper where they pop things on people and within 13 seconds they showed what was coming up and he told his wife to turn it off. Howard said he already found something on him that he has to go to the dermatologist for. Robin said in the rest of the country they have declined.

Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who said she's going to the Letterman taping. Howard let her go after Fred played her off with some music. Robin said some publicists are going to steer clear of him. He said it's hard to believe he would do something like that. Robin read a story about a woman who claims that she had Steve Wynn's baby after he allegedly raped her several times back in the 1970s.

John and Emily’s film family has love and endurance and adaptability and they never give up against huge odds.

The best part of the movie is how the audience feels when walking out – inspired and SO grateful for everything they have and take for granted.

Howard said they were away for 2 weeks and it occurred to him he had to return today.

He said what they do is 112 shows a year and they're 4 hours each.

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