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Like most synthodrones, he was strong but fragile, a simple hole large enough to spill synthogoo being all it was required to destroy him.

Most poignantly, Eric represented what Drakken was capable of when at the top of his game in evil villainy.

Only three other characters had a fate remotely like this - Monkey Fist was turned to stone, while Warhok and Warmonga were killed by Ron's hands.

Monster" This duo found their way into each others hearts through the Disney Channel loop but did not work together.

Of course Kim would go on to much bigger things than the unaired pilot.

She shot to international prominence after starring in a homemade pornographic tape with rapper Ray J, which was found its way onto the internet in 2007.

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This couple is one of the more recent Disney channel hookups.

He is best known for his childhood turns in Phil Of The Future.

But now former Disney kid Raviv Ullman has a new claim to fame after taunting Kanye West by revealing he enjoyed smooching sessions with his wife Kim Kardashian while making an unaired pilot.

Farm" as well as Piper Cruda from the TV series "I Didn't Do It" Phil of the Future was a hit Disney TV show where Ullman played a boy from the future who lived with Michalka in her present world.

These two young stars found their chemistry both on and off screen.

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