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When asked for his name, Oliver thinks of the name "Mike Stanley III", being inspired by a nearby Microphone stand].Mike is not dating Lola as said in "He Could Be The One.He lives with his mother Nancy Oken who works as a police officer, his overprotective father, and a little brother.In the first two episodes, Oliver is an overly enthusiastic Hannah Montana fan, saying "Hannah Montana is a goddess! " He has a record of stalking her and even dreams of one day marrying her.He uses the alias Mike Standley III while attending events with Hannah Montana in order to keep Miley's secret.Sometimes Oliver makes fun of Miley along with Lily.He reads his mother's "chick magazines," watches soap operas with his grandmother, and lets Miley give him a manicure in the episode "Cuffs Will Keep Us Together." Oliver once bemoans this fact by stating "I so need more guy friends." However, Oliver often shows himself to be a good and loyal friend to Miley and Lilly, and they both value his friendship. In the episode "Everybody Was Best-Friend Fighting," Oliver creates a disguise to attend Hannah events without blowing Miley's secret, similar to how Lilly created Lola Luftnagle.Oliver describes Miley, alongside Lilly, being his closest girl-bud. Lilly helps Oliver come up with the disguise which consists of a fake goatee, aviator sunglasses, an upside-down visor, sweatpants and a zip-up hoodie.

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The 37-year-old actor was joined at the event by Sienna Miller, Freida Pinto, Sofia Boutella, Lily Collins, Edgar Ramirez, Aaron Paul, George Kotsiopoulos, Jeremy Renner, Annabelle Wallis, Liev Schreiber, Dave Franco, Courtney Eaton, Chloe Sevigny, Winnie Harlow, Melanie Laurent, Nas and Sofia Coppola.It is revealed that Oliver is a diabetic in the episode "No Sugar Sugar." But because the episode didn't air, it's unknown if the storyline will be kept.Oliver's somewhat connected with his feminine side, possibly as a result of having his two best and closest friends being girls.He met Miley in the 5th grade and has been her best friend ever since.However, before he met her, he had spread a rumor that she ate possum.He makes a brief appearance in Hannah Montana: The Movie at Lilly's sweet 16th birthday party and in the credits doing the Hoedown Throwdown.Oliver is very outgoing, flirtatious, and sometimes over confident.He is dating Jordan Star (NOT a parody of Justin Star on Shake it Up). Oliver's celebrity crushes include Hannah Montana, until he finds out that his best friend, Miley, is Hannah.He first dates Becca Weller whom Miley sets him up with after Becca confesses her feelings for Oliver to Hannah Montana in an email.A running gag is used when Miley, Lilly, or both hit him.Oliver grew up in South Central, Los Angeles, California and was childhood friends and Kindergarten friends with Lily.

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