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As well, almost everyone else he comes into contact with at any time.His unawareness of his destructive actions is most likely the result of him being a "defect", as revealed in the cancelled episode "The Trial".It featured an alien species named Irken that want to take over the entire universe.They’re considerably successful and send out many of their kind to far reaching planets to conquer all.Note: I am very wary of the fandom of Invader Zim and I’m sure that what I am going to express here is going to be held in disdain by somebody.Invader Zim has an interesting history that delves into the culture of gothics / angst ridden emo types.

If you are to introduce a character that is competent or even on the scale of their incompetence, they are eventually going to succeed and the conflict will be over. You could make someone like Gaz, but she is actively aware but apathetic to the problem. The only sensible character in the entire show is Gaz, and she doesn’t care. That every kid that is not interested in the things you are interested in are dumb, stupid and ignorant. That you need to attach yourself to moronic characters like Dib and Zim - who are hilariously awful people. Find something in our world that you hate and make an OC that shows it as it is, unbiased.I find these personalities deplorable and should not be heralded nor celebrated.But that history is interesting and I will cover some of it here.While there, however, Zim heard of Operation Impending Doom II, and - obviously not understanding the purpose of his previous exile - "quit being banished" and ventured to Conventia in the hope of getting an assignment.Chagrined, the Almighty Tallest sent him on a "secret mission" to Earth, in order to keep him occupied and away from the real Operation Impending Doom II.I like the Facebook Kid Example - what if there was a kid who was absolutely addicted to Facebook games?He comes to school with his laptop, tries to do a few more actions before the bell rings.After arriving on Earth, Zim enrolled in the nearest elementary skool to begin his infiltration and gather information about the indigenous race. Zim's primary desire is to conquer Earth, mostly to prove his superiority and impress his leaders.However, as mentioned by Gaz in "Bloaty's Pizza Hog", "He's so bad at it." Although he is the protagonist, Zim is morally, and ethically a villain, being an overall fairly unsympathetic character, though he occasionally shows some kindness towards certain characters, (such as GIR in "Walk of Doom"), and is usually only causing chaos and destruction for either himself, his own race, or Earth.Zim is intrigued by it - perhaps the Facebook Game is some kind of Planet Takeover game, and thus Zim himself wants to try it. He then is so delusional that he believes the game is real.He then attempts to use the whacky technology in the future to create a real Facebook Alien Takeover Army.

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