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We’re also talented with telling humiliation stories – give us a call and let us weave a custom domination humiliation story for you right on the spot.Tell me, have you ever sat (or lied) down and wondered what is that recipe that gives verbal humilliation its wonderfully poignant sting? Humiliation is not “one size fits all.” All men respond to different humiliation techniques. Does it turn you on when you know that other men in the locker room, at work or on your football team have bigger cocks than you?Others fantasize about having their small penis humiliated in public (often in a locker room/shower type setting.) There are quite a few men who have feminization humiliation fantasies, and their public humiliation fantasies involve being forced or coerced into appearing in public as a crossdresser, or in full women’s clothes and make up.We’ve spoken with men who have a fantasy about being made to purchase embarrassing items at the store, such as diapers, enemas, women’s hygiene items, or going to a store and asking a sexy clerk if condoms are sold in extra small sizes!You’ve been searching for someone, perhaps a domination humiliatrix, to take you down with extreme sexual humiliation, and you have come to the right place.We are skilled at cuckold humiliation, verbal humiliation, small penis humiliation (or SPH), masturbation humiliation, and many, many other types of seductive, sensual humiliation.Have you considered your little cock and it’s usefulness to women? Read more about big cocks versus little cocks and small penis humiliation.Cuckold Humiliation is frequently (but not always) closely related to small penis humiliation.

Some of the public humiliation fantasies we’ve experienced on the phone include being naked in public in front of a crowd of people (usually a crowd of women).A fun and playful humiliation scene can be explored with CFNM Humiliation, otherwise known as “clothed female, naked male” humiliation.This humiliation niche incorporates exhibitionism, voyeurism, public humiliation and perhaps even small penis humiliation depending on the naked male.From playful embarrassment to cruel humiliation, we will take you on a journey which will test your limits and expand your horizons.Just let us know your phone humiliation fantasies and your limits and we will make your dreams (and your nightmares! We are experienced Humiliation Mistresses who understand your need for humiliation, not actors or women reading from scripts.The spectrum of public humiliation fantasies is limited only to your imagination.What’s the difference between a cuckold and a Sissy Cuckold?Most women are unwilling to be honest or blunt about penis size – in a small penis humiliation phone session, the caller feels that he is at least getting some truth in regards to how women really feel about penis size.Turning the issue into an erotic experience makes it more tolerable for a man to deal with the fact that his endowment may be below average. A puny little dick that, I’m sure, you are stroking right now?This is typically called a CFNM public humiliation fantasy.Some fantasize about humiliation through masturbating in public.

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