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You will find what interest the old business partners and attract new ones, but it should be borne in mind that for various reasons of a cooperation agreement could be signed later.

Predictions for Gemini: This month will be quite difficult for the Gemini.

To gain more accurate data you can use link Read my forecast for the near future and fill out the form and press enter.

Predictions for Aries: At this month, you will be able to significantly enhance their professional position to establish relations with influential personages, to solve legal problems.

Each of the zodiac symbols is associated with some ancient Greek myth.

Gemini traits Capricorn traits Leo characteristics Virgo characteristics Scorpio profile Aquarius profile Aries traits Sagittarius profile Pisces personality Cancer profile Taurus profile Libra traits Rabbit personality Rat characteristics Sheep personality Pig characteristics Dog characteristics Rooster traits Snake personality Monkey profile Horse personality Dragon traits Ox characteristics Tiger profile We can say that astrological forecast for the next month, and the principle of drawing up are the same as for a horoscope for today.

Horoscope for Taurus: This month is characterized by very high business and intellectual activity.

In general this period is unfavorable for hair-cut because the immunity decreases but the probability of disease increases. A hairdo doesn’t hold the form, rebel hair are not suitable for styling. 7) The Moon in Leo is favorable for hair dyeing and hair decoration. Hair-cut is favorable for making beautiful, silken and voluminous hair. 8) The Moon in Sagittarius is unfavorable for hair-cut.

It is a period when you can schedule meetings and discussion on important issues.

There is a possibility to reach satisfactory arrangements with the old and new partners, to advance work on joint projects, find common interests.

These days are infrequent so don’t miss them for doing hair-cut.

In each sign of the zodiac, the sun is about a month, and then passes into another sign, roughly in the twenties. And in ancient Babylon, it were given the names of real constellations. A pointed arrow, probably, means evading conscription. It is very important to place the symbol of the sign in your facebook.

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