Harmony 1100 remote not updating

However, if you're using older firmware, then you'll need to first upgrade your firmware to version 4.x.

Once complete, syncing your remote will update your software as well (when updates are available).

Sync fails with the Harmony mobile app: Reboot Harmony Hub by disconnecting the power cord, then plugging it back in and waiting 30 seconds for it to turn on again.

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Follow the directions below to check the current version of your Harmony software.

Harmony remotes cannot receive firmware updates over Wi‑Fi.

If you receive a firmware notification on your remote screen, then connect Harmony to your computer using the supplied USB cable, sign into your account using the My Harmony desktop software and press Sync.

To manually configure the USB drivers, refer to this article. 64-bit Mode Has Been Enabled The USB drivers for the Harmony 900/1000/1100 remotes are not compatible with 64-bit mode and therefore will not allow the remote to communicate with the Harmony remote software.

If you have enabled 64-bit mode on your Mac, you will need to boot your Mac into 32-bit mode.

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