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SA-MP and MTA allow much larger player counts — sometimes several hundred, depending on the server — and in traditional PC gaming style offer up a long list of servers to choose from, each of which has its own rules, available game modes, and eccentricities. (And for creative types, MTA has a map editor and an easier-to-learn scripting system.) I asked one of the MTA developers, a chemical engineer named Dan, to help me understand what makes this San Andreas multiplayer community tic.

Dan started out as a Multi Theft Auto player back before San Andreas even came out — when the mod was available for GTA 3 and Vice City. “At the time the big game was Counter-Strike,” he recalls.

It helps, too, that the system requirements are modest. “Even if you just look at a race on its own, the idea that you can build custom maps and race with other online players with really modest requirements has captured a niche.” Dan believes the low system requirements really can’t be understated as integral to MTA’s growth.And it’s especially noticeable if you’re coming from GTA Online, where other players attempt to shoot at you, run you over, or run you off the road every other minute.Where GTA Online has a “passive” mode that offers a scant layer of protection for newbies and non-violent players (there are, sadly, many ways to kill a player set as passive), Multi Theft Auto and SA-MP each offer hundreds of servers where cold-blooded murder is rare.Site • News Archive • Articles Game Information • Overview • Setting • Story • Characters • Features • Soundtrack • Previews • Reviews Walkthrough • In the Beginning • Los Santos • Badlands • San Fierro • Desert • Las Venturas • Final Missions Gameplay • PC Modifications • Flying School • Vehicles • Weapons • Unique Vehicles Guide • Odd Jobs • 100% Checklist • Java Map • Flash Map Hood Life • Gangs • Clothing • Eating • Exercise • Swimming Cheat Codes • All Cheats -PC Cheats -PS2 Cheats -Xbox Cheats • ARMax & Gameshark (topic) Multimedia • Screenshots -Pre-Release -PC Screenshots -Xbox Screenshots -PS2 Screenshots • Videos • Artwork • Desktops Official Sites • Official Website • Rockstar North • Rockstar Games • Take2 Interactive Network • GTA Network • GTA Forums • GTA 5 • GTA Chinatown Wars • GTA IV • GTA LCS • GTA San Andreas • GTA Vice City • GTA III • GTA Garage • GTA Modding Criminals Online • This site: 95 • Network: 2274The better CJ looks, the more positive comments he'll recieve from passing pedestrians, and the more respect he'll earn.Whilst wearing gang colours will increase your respect level from fellow gang members, rival gangs and police will identify you much quicker, and attack.Role-playing servers present the GTA that critics clamour for.Instead of using the enormous, detailed world as a playground for a mass murderer, possibly of migrant or poverty-stricken origins, who sometimes moonlights as a taxi driver or vigilante cop, they let you a taxi driver or policeman or incarcerated criminal or dock worker or whatever else.You can purchase an item of clothing by entering the red marker whilst inside the store.Scroll through the various categories and select the item you're looking for.As SA-MP player Jasper M notes, “the GTA SA online community is a lot more friendly and less toxic than GTA Online where people randomly hunt you down for no reason.” Dan suggests that the root of this comparative friendliness is in the mod architecture and the game itself. Its verbs — the actions players can take — may skew towards violence, but its systems and world design favour different kinds of experiences.Indeed, deathmatch servers are uncommon; players tend to gravitate more to free-roam (the world is a playground to explore and crash and do stunts in), racing (think Track Mania, not Forza; Multi Theft Auto’s initial release was actually restricted only to this), cops and robbers, and (overwhelmingly) roleplay.

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