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These glitter-and-glisten filters seem to be the latest fad, but they are cool.

I used them on a night scene and was rewarded with a shot of London taxi sparkling as if it had been jet-washed with liquid silver.

For my London tests, it was a gray day and I wasn't using a flash.

But so long as you're not making a direct comparison to digital cameras, the results are pleasing.

My selfie composition wasn't award-winning, but the shots were accurate enough and multiple exposures were easy to make.Sending that selfie to a phone is a little tricky, with Nikon's Snap Bridge app proving fiddly to set up, but there's an online guide available for download.Once up and running it uses Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi to transfer pics or act as a remote trigger.6 megapixels, NIKKOR 5x optical zoom lens, 24-120mm (35mm equivalent), 3-inch LCD monitor, waterproof to 100 feet, shockproof to 7.9 feet, 4K/30p video recording, Snap Bridge Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, GPS, ISO 6400, shooting up to 7 fps, built-in LED light, smart portrait mode, glamour retouch It operates fantastically in bright sunlight, producing crisp, color-saturated photographs.The still image scene guide was fun to play with, not least for the amusing names such as Soft Image of a Flower -- which delivers exactly what it promises.There's also Cute Dessert, Bright Blue Sky, Glistening Water and Glittering Illuminations -- perfect for jazzing up Christmas tree lights.On Cams you can watch and interact with thousands of the world’s hottest webcam models.Sit back and watch a free (non-nude) chat, join a nude chat, or get really intimate in private one-on-one sessions with your favorite models.Night mode paired with advanced anti-blur created a super-sharp and colorful evening city scene.Intricate detail, or macro, shots can be taken as close as seven centimeters (2.6 inches) and are incredibly sharp. Even set to ISO3200 for gloomy conditions, digital noise was minimal.With the camera set to "candlelight" setting, which gave me an aperture of f1.4 a shutter speed of 1/60 seconds and an ISO of 3200, the resulting digital noise was minimal.I tested the camera at ISO 50,000 and while there was noise, it was much less than expected.

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