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Gay Pride in Spokane picks up more speed and a larger crowd every year.The general idea of Pride here is to show the rest of Spokane that being gay is okay, and that LGBT women and men have families too.Eastern Washington University is about 30 minutes west on Interstate 90.Their football team won the Division 1-A Championship in 2010.It’s more of a gay male thing, but they do have drag shows and a dance floor which attract the entire LGBT scene. Other queer-friendly bars: Satellite Diner (Sprague Ave., next door to Irv’s): This bar/restaurant serves food 24/7.A friendly gay man bartends and it’s a good place to find queers at night. 1st Ave, downtown): The most hipster bar in town, it fits about 30 people max. The best place to take a lady-of-interest on a date is Mizuna (214 N. This is the closest thing to a vegetarian restaurant in Spokane. Across the street are the Elk and El Que restaurants which offer great people/hipster watching, and great food.Mine includes excessive amounts of foam and lost jewelry. Sprague Avenue, downtown) is the gayest in town, only because it brands itself as gay more than other spots.

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The best part about queer friendly bars in Spokane is most of them are clumped into a two-block strip on Sprague Avenue in downtown.Browne’s Addition is the most talked about “up-and-coming” hood.It’s just off of downtown, and features a popular restaurant, a taco/tequila bar, pizza place, bike shop, and some of Spokane’s oldest and coolest homes. The Garland District (North Garland Avenue) has been known for years as a funky strip of shops and restaurants.The campus LGBT resource center is a good place to get involved or find allies on campus. Eastern Washington University: Eastern students have a conservative reputation, but the campus offers a variety of resources and allies for the LGBT community.Their women’s athletics attracts tons of lesbians to their games (and on occasion to their rosters). In fact, a men’s fraternity hosted a drag show in Spokane as a fundraiser!Eastern games are fun to attend, especially when they’re playing basketball against a local team like Gonzaga or Washington State University, or football against University of Montana.The Spokane Indians are a minor-league baseball team. The downtown city streets are closed off and basketball hoops are rolled in.Young people flock to this neighborhood, as do trendy restaurants and clothing shops, and one of the cities best farmers markets (a popular lesbian hangout).The most prominent organization for family support in Spokane is the Odyssey Youth Center.Over the past year, the number of “gay” bars has fluctuated between three to five. After that, it’s game on for twenty and thirty something lesbians.n Yne Bar and Bistro (232 West Sprague Avenue, 99201) is the most lesbian-friendly bar in Spokane. Nyne is not exclusively a lesbian bar, but everyone in town knows it’s the safest place to go for gay/bi women. Sprague Avenue, downtown) serves the purposes of night club and grungy gay bar.

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