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The best known spot is the Garland Theater, with cheap films and midnight movies.

On the other side of town, the South Perry District (1000 block of South Perry Street) is growing like a weed.

A place you are likely to spot a lesbian or two at some point during the night. Garland Ave): It’s about 10 minutes north of downtown, but serves old-school, fancy drinks and has adorable bartenders. It’s an upscale spot downtown with a lengthy wine selection. Cannon Street, in Browne’s Addition) offers a fancier dining experience, featuring gourmet Italian dishes and a great wine selection. If you care at all about sports, you will need to know about Gonzaga Basketball.

It’s attached to Spokane’s old dollar theater, the Garland. The atmosphere is romantic without being too intimate. The Flying Goat (Audubon neighborhood) is an excellent pizza place on the North side of town. Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams do well year after year, and Spokane is pretty much obsessed with Gonzaga Bulldog Athletics.

Gonzaga University remains the most prominent school in Spokane because of the caliber of education, the Law School, and athletics.

It’s a Jesuit university just a few blocks away from downtown, but its Catholic roots don’t discourage diversity.

The campus LGBT resource center is a good place to get involved or find allies on campus. Eastern Washington University: Eastern students have a conservative reputation, but the campus offers a variety of resources and allies for the LGBT community.

It’s just off of downtown, and features a popular restaurant, a taco/tequila bar, pizza place, bike shop, and some of Spokane’s oldest and coolest homes. The Garland District (North Garland Avenue) has been known for years as a funky strip of shops and restaurants.Eastern Washington University is about 30 minutes west on Interstate 90.Their football team won the Division 1-A Championship in 2010.You can get a beer flight, fill a growler of beer, or buy wine to go. Lesbians are a common sighting at “Zags” game, and many go together.The women’s team has made the NCAA tournament four years in a row.The bar scene as far as queer-leaning folks in Spokane is interesting.The best part about queer friendly bars in Spokane is most of them are clumped into a two-block strip on Sprague Avenue in downtown.The college life in Spokane is diverse, with private, public, religious, and satellite campuses.There is no united front for college LGBT groups or communities, but most of them have at least one club/support group.Eastern games are fun to attend, especially when they’re playing basketball against a local team like Gonzaga or Washington State University, or football against University of Montana.The Spokane Indians are a minor-league baseball team. The downtown city streets are closed off and basketball hoops are rolled in.

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