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The Silver Surfer offered to help Galactus if he would free him from Earth's confinement and Galactus agreed.

Silver Surfer was easily able to save her and return her to Galactus unharmed.

When the Elders of the Universe attempted to kill Galactus, Nova could not defend him on her own.

With the direction of the Silver Surfer, she destroyed a star creating a black hole and helped to save Galactus.

Frankie was repressed of her memory by her step-father about the accident that gave her super-powers, until one day it came to light. After this, she began to distance herself from Johnny, despite his devotion and seriousness towards their relationship.

The Fantastic Four offered to train her in the use of her powers and she even helped them on a few missions.

Frankie Raye was created by Roy Thomas, George Perez and Joe Sinnott; and first appeared in Fantastic Four #164 in November 1975.

With Galactus' touch, she gained the abilities needed to traverse space and successfully find the proper sustenance for her master.

He later created an invisible suit to suppress her powers.

He even went as far as to make her have a phobia for fire and flames.

Frankie Raye was just 14 when her step-father, Professor Horton, brought her with him to an abandoned warehouse where he kept the chemicals that gave the original Human Torch android ( Jim Hammond) his powers.

After hearing about a new Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Horton wanted to recreate a new android.

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